Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Will Hunting

Brief summary: When professors discover that an aimless janitor is also a math genius, a therapist helps the young man confront the demons that are holding him back.

So I watched this movie cause I get hounded by everyone and their mother when they find out I have never seen this movie before. I"m currently 19 old. There are many movies out there, I wish I could spend all my time watching them but I have other things that further my life on this planet. Like school and a part time job. I know I'm gonna like this movie.

One part I like in particular is a scene where this douche bag college student tries to humiliate Ben Affleck with his Harvard Wits. But it's Ben Affleck so no one really has to try hard. I have met so many pseudo-intellectual douches out there like this character. It frustrates me so much. I completed 4 AP classes in high school and AP classes are filled to the brim with monkeys who think they are geniuses because they can memorize some facts and recite it on cue. Anyone can study. We have taught gorillas how to do sign language. Apes don't communicate fully to the extent that we do, but they usually do one word signs to get what they want. "Banana", "water", "doll". Things like that. Now the AP kids think they are smart. Some are actually smart, some are just good memorizers. Intelligence is the ability to learn AND think for yourself. Thinking for themselves is where a lot of these kids fall short. If you could think for yourself, you wouldn't listen to what the adults in public schools would tell you. You could listen to the information. Process it. But everything else they say is just mundane. I'm probably preaching to the choir here. Long story short for this paragraph, the smart people are idiots.

Matt Damon is so baller.
He can fight, he is smart, he didn't have to try and he was given a very attractive woman's number. He calls people out on their BS. He trolls therapist. Matt Damon is good in my book.

Next up, Robin Williams! He has a beard in this movie. Beards can make almost anything cooler. 1800s mustaches and mountain man beards are prime man facial hair styles.


This movie makes me want to do one or two things. One thing is to go up to people and say, "It's not your fault." This would really confuse strangers. Waiting on the bus, business man to the right of me is reading his kindle. He wants to read the classics, he is reading Oliver Twist. I turn to him and say "it's not your fault." He says "what?". I say, "it's not your fault." End of conversation. I know that will live with him forever. He goes home from work, his wife/husband(I don't judge him nor rule out the possibility he might be a homosexual.) asks him how was his day, he says "Some strange kid on the train said it's not your fault. I'm very creeped out." He can't sleep at night because he has to figure out what bad things have happened in his life that weren't his fault. He'll start to think they are his fault. Then the image of me turning to him and "saying it's not your fault" will show up in a flash back all over again. He'll be in such mental stress and wonder. He'll never solve the mystery. All because of one little phrase that didn't mean anything when I said it, but it meant everything to him when he heard it.

Reminds me of in middle school and early high school when I turned to someone and said, "Don't worry about it." They wanted to know what not to worry about. I in turned replied, "Don't worry about it." So it begins.

The title is called Good Will Hunting. I'm not sure this is grammatically correct. He is not good, Superman does good. Good Will Hunting sounds right. But it seems like Well Will Hunting might be correct. I am not grammar nazi nor wizard nor genius nor any other adjective to describe my point I'm making. Just for fun, it could be call Well Will Whunting. It wouldn't have won any oscars with a name like that cause no one would have taken it seriously. Nothing shouldn't be taken seriously. I shouldn't be taken seriously. This blog shouldn't be taken seriously. Ben Affleck shouldn't be taken seriously.

Thank God Ben Affleck didn't show up all the time in this movie. Matt Damon is definitely the break out star. He later becomes Jason Bourne.

I like this movie for many reasons. Robin Williams beard, it reassures me that it's good to be smart, and a great story. Robin Williams is a better serious actor then he is comic actor. Not that I didn't enjoy Flubber. It was a staple movie of my youth. But him in Good Will Hunting and World's Greatest Dad really stick out to me. He was a force behind his voice. He also has a very macho moment when he almost killed Will by strangling him. Robin Williams will choke a bitch if he has too.

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white collar girl said...

If you haven't already, watch Dead Poets Society. Robin Williams is brilliant in it! Although he doesn't have a beard...