Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Film Review Paper on the Band of Brothers

I wrote this for my WWII class.

Did you know that few of the Band of Brothers were actual brothers,
but they were like brothers? They held together like a band. This band
was not made of rubber; it was made with deep respect and camaraderie.
Steven Allan Spielberg was born December 18, 1946. Thomas Jeffrey
“Tom” Hanks was born July 9, 1956. Band of Brothers HBO mini-series
came out on September 9, 2001. Coincidence?! I think not. Together
they produced the hit mini-series Band of Brothers, serving as
executive producers. The budget for the show was approximately $125
million. Wow! What could you do with that much money? If you’re Tom
Hanks, you can make the Band of Brothers series tastefully and
successfully well. I would use the money to buy myself a house that I
would stock up with arcade games, like Pinball and Pacman machines,
and as well as soda pop and bubble gum. I would try to woo women to
hang out with me in my arcade like the G.I.s tried to woo the fraulein
in Germany and Holland with chocolate and cigarettes. Surprisingly
enough, the band of brothers isn’t a musical band at all. I could
picture them being the American Led Zeppelin. Playing their mighty
instruments and kick butt riffs across Europe.
The film is actually an addendum to the film Saving Private Ryan. The
two producers got together and shot it the same style with the same
production team for Band of Brothers as they did with Saving Private
Ryan. The Band of Brothers film is actually gracious enough to
reference private Ryan in an episode. Some of the actors acting in the
film is Friend’s David Schwimmer who is popular for playing the role
of Ross. In Band of Brothers, Schwimmer plays the infamous and often
mediocre Captain Sobel. The acting job was mediocre for a mediocre
character, so I guess it fits. I didn’t know that Ross never aged. He
goes from living in Toccoa, Georgia to train Easy Company then after
the war lays low for awhile to appear in the 90s in New York with his
goofy friends. But the movie is still good despite to strange casting
choices, like Colin Hanks. The only reason Colin Hanks was in Band of
Brothers was because his Dad was executive producer and not because of
his acting “talent”. Colin played Lieutenant Henry Jones, badly I
might add. Damian Lewis did a phenomenal job of capturing the essence
of Major Dick Winters and how much of a great man as well as a great
leader. Ron Livingston also did admirable job for his role as Captain
Lewis Nixon. Though Nixon should have drank more. You can never go
wrong with too much alcohol. If I was directing I would have Nixon
stop in the midst of D-Day to pull out a frosty cold brew, maybe a
Budweiser or a Coors, and savor the taste in the heat of battle. It
would definitely be a memorable scene no doubt. Creative licensing
allows me to diverge away from the book, which the movie is based
upon, into my own interpretation of World War II.
I did enjoy the film, it was enticing and the audience believed the
men were as real as they can get. It was a nice brief glimpse into
history of what life was like back then and that war is Hell. They
forgot to mention the part where the Germans had flume water slides
and the Americans wanted to take over Germany to have some fun with
the best water slides the world had to offer in 1945. The action
sequences are cool as ice and one grows attached to the men of Easy by
seeing them struggle and toughen because of their circumstances. The
film is a memoriam to the brave men who fought in the Second World War
and also a very patriotic piece. They gave their lives for the life,
liberty, and pursuit of happiness for the American people. They
weren’t like the lazy British who stopped their tank advances because
it was tea time. The film inspires the viewer into believing that
ordinary people can achieve extraordinary measures, if they work
together. If I had to grade the film like the grade I’m going to get
for this paper: A++. I loved every minute of it, even the terrible
I advise everyone who is interested in a good story and good action
sequences to see Band of Brothers. They aren’t brothers, but they are
closer than brothers!

tl;dr I’m very sarcastic and insecere to my teachers

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