Friday, June 12, 2009

Hide and Seek With Mr. Sun

The sun hates me I say. Everytime I step outside, I say hello to Mr. Sun. But Mr. Sun is very mean to me. Instead of saying hello politely back at me or complimenting me on how sexy I look, he decides to shine very bright. The sun has an invisible gun with UV rays as bullets. He best likes to shoot me when I'm at the beach the few times I'm in Florida. I'm amazed how some people can't get burnt even they don't need any sunscreen and don't go out in the sun regularly. My girlfriend went down to St. Pete's beach for a week and came back looking a step bellow Cuban. SORRY IF YOU'RE READING THIS BABE! My gorgeous caucasion girlfriend has some Greek and black irish blood in her so naturally she tans very well. I however, have Norweigan and Whelsh blood in me. Both people in both European nations are very pale! We don't tan well! Grrrrrrrr I put sun screen on today very carefully cause I got a little red last time I was in Florida 10 days ago. But like the genius I am, I forgot parts of my neck. This means my neck is sensitive and red while the rest of me is fine. -_- not fair

The Sun is also mean by playing games with me when I don't want to. Mr. Sun will play the hide and seek game with me. He loves hiding during inconvenient hours of my life where he is needed most. He's probably on a date with Ms. Moon or something. So the clouds are left for me to see while Mr. Sun tries to get lucky. I can't ever hide from Mr. Sun cause he is huge and in the sky. I can't really seek Mr. Sun cause if I look up, he shoots me in the eyes with his bright UV bullets and I can't see at all for the rest of my life.

If you're wondering why this blog doesn't make any sense or sounds really f***ed up, it's because I'm very loopy from driving in the car for 6 hours and it's 1: 57 AM. Good night. Beware of the evil sun and his powers to turn you into a lobster!