Monday, April 20, 2009

Trix Yogurt

Literally, just seconds ago, an idea popped in my cranium. It happened by finding some delicious trix yogurt in the refrigerator. Trix yogurt always has a contest where you can win fabulous prizes. But when I lift the lid, sadly, I'm never the winner. One day, I will win the contest. just like Charley won the golden ticket, I'll win the silver licked yogurt top. It might be a long time before I win. If I did win, I'd be the happiest person in the universe. Though if I won, they may take the prize away from me cause Trix are for kids. =(

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have many dreams.
But different kinds of dreams too.

I had a dream last night where I walked into a movie theatre on free Jack Daniel's day. Some irresponsible adult gave me a big cup of Jack Daniel as I was walking into the theatre to see the cinematic adventures playing on the screen. As I take my seat near the front of the room. Next I turn around and see two very attractive blonde girls giggling and talking to eachother behind me. All of the sudden, I notice that from across the aisle from those hot girls is one of my best friend, Royce, and my ex-girlfriend(whom I loathe being around) are sitting there. My ex seems to know the blonde girls and talks from across the aisle. So the girls are laughing and chatting to eachother and I want to invite my good friend Royce to sit by me, but I don't want my ex to see me. No one notices me and I was spying on them in my seat. I want to also talk to and try to woo the beautiful blonde girls. I thought to myself I should invite them down to sit to me and have a chat. I could also drink some of the Jack Daniels to lose some inhibitions or offer the girls some.

That's the end of the dream before I was woken up. This dream is very immoral and it's weird that I would dream of drinking some alcohol, as I an underaged minor. I didn't like this dream very much cause who likes dreaming about an ex? And to top it off, Mr. Sad was following me around in the dream earlier too. He hates me but we're at least civil to eachother now.

If someone could give me a translation of this dream, it would be very much appreciated.

The other dreams I have in real life are meeting Radiohead and they would actually be glad to meet me. Everyone near my age should be able to meet the boys in Radiohead. It's not like they turn fans away? HA! Sorry(not really) Miley Cyrus. Speaking of Miley, how can she "ruin" a band that has over a decade of hardcore underground fans? The Radiohead army is bigger than the Cyrus army. Radiohead has more albums released than Cyrus and ACTUALLY wrote the songs themselves in it. The Cyrus army has 9-13 year old Disney freak girls who love Miley and her tool of a brother Treyce. If Treyce is a tool, then his dad is one too, and so is his sister. Like father, like son, like sister.

Other dreams I have are to be an actor, a writer/author, psychiatrist, a professional musician, and hell, maybe even a filmmaker.

I have a dream that the face of Disney will return to cartoons like Mickey and Donald instead of some young guys who are overcompensating that they're gay by wearing purity rings and other things.

I dream that my insecurties will go away.

I dream of a Youtube where people wouldn't feel so cocky because of a number that represents people that watch what they put out there.

I dream of a world where Stephenie Meyer can write an intellectual book instead of a dumbed down piece of "literature" about vampires in Washington state and plots stollen off of MUSE's albums.

I dream of many things. But what do you dream about?????