Friday, January 23, 2009

Narcissist Armed

Armed with cameras that is. Now something that I am sick of a lot are people who take pictures of themselves a lot. You know these people, you have seen these people. They could be a ugly person or a beautiful person. It doesn't matter. But the culprits who photograph themselves the most are girls. Girls of the ages in middle school, high school, and college.

I'm sick of it. They have 1,000 pictures of themselves on myspace or facebook. Sometimes they throw their friends in the picture every now and then making a weird facial expression cause they think it is cool. What do they do when they are bored, take pictures of their faces. These girls have took soooo many pictures of themselves, they know what angles they look best in. So their pictures online look a whole lot better than in person. Which is like lying. AND that's a big no-no.

I wish I could go up to them without looking like a jack@$$ and demand to know what the purpose of all those pictures? isn't one enough? Sarcasm thought when talking to a self-pic addict: I was thinking 1 picture was enough for you but when you change your facial expression............i see where you are coming from. The only people comment their pictures of themselves are there BFFs and they usually say, " I love you. You're soo cute." Look on your facebook or myspace friends. Pick any regular teenage or young female and look on her page, you will find tons of pictures of herself.

Now guys don't take so many pictures of themselves. If two guys are together and for some god forsaken reason they wanted to take a picture of themselves, here is how it would play out:
Dude 1: This moment was awesome. Let's take a picture dude.
Dude 2: Ok. You got a camera bro?
Dude 1: Yeah. Oh but we got to put our heads close together for us both to be in the shot.
Dude 2: ..................You know what, I think we can just forget about the picture idea.

Now some people may call me a hypocrite. Here is my excuse, I document how much my appearance changes over time or events that really mattered to me. I also takes pictures from the video I put on youtube, I take a picture from the video and put it onto facebook. I put a whole lot more pictures on facebook than myspace. It may not be much of an excuse but take it or leave it.

One of my most favorite pictures. I think you can tell why.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I walk into a room and see Parental Control on the TV(MTV show), now I ask you the reader this question: Why do they bother with the gay episodes? What do the parents know what their homosexual child is into or like in the same sex partner? Usually parents don't know crap about it or in denial about it.