Friday, June 12, 2009

Hide and Seek With Mr. Sun

The sun hates me I say. Everytime I step outside, I say hello to Mr. Sun. But Mr. Sun is very mean to me. Instead of saying hello politely back at me or complimenting me on how sexy I look, he decides to shine very bright. The sun has an invisible gun with UV rays as bullets. He best likes to shoot me when I'm at the beach the few times I'm in Florida. I'm amazed how some people can't get burnt even they don't need any sunscreen and don't go out in the sun regularly. My girlfriend went down to St. Pete's beach for a week and came back looking a step bellow Cuban. SORRY IF YOU'RE READING THIS BABE! My gorgeous caucasion girlfriend has some Greek and black irish blood in her so naturally she tans very well. I however, have Norweigan and Whelsh blood in me. Both people in both European nations are very pale! We don't tan well! Grrrrrrrr I put sun screen on today very carefully cause I got a little red last time I was in Florida 10 days ago. But like the genius I am, I forgot parts of my neck. This means my neck is sensitive and red while the rest of me is fine. -_- not fair

The Sun is also mean by playing games with me when I don't want to. Mr. Sun will play the hide and seek game with me. He loves hiding during inconvenient hours of my life where he is needed most. He's probably on a date with Ms. Moon or something. So the clouds are left for me to see while Mr. Sun tries to get lucky. I can't ever hide from Mr. Sun cause he is huge and in the sky. I can't really seek Mr. Sun cause if I look up, he shoots me in the eyes with his bright UV bullets and I can't see at all for the rest of my life.

If you're wondering why this blog doesn't make any sense or sounds really f***ed up, it's because I'm very loopy from driving in the car for 6 hours and it's 1: 57 AM. Good night. Beware of the evil sun and his powers to turn you into a lobster!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Funny Finals

So this week is finals week. Today I took a Lunch final and my Chorus final. We actually don't take a test for Lunch, we just hang out in the cafeteria. People usually bring a ton of video games to play, games, and sometimes musical instruments. I played Rock Band a little and brought Twister. I'm not gonna lie, Twister is pretty funny to see high school kids play. It always ends being gross or sexual. I find it hilarious when two guys are facing off against each other in twister and they position themselves next to the other guy. They make themselves look very homosexual. It's quite hilarious. It's also comical to see a lot of people try to play Twister all at once on one map......You draw the map in your head of what that looks like . lol

I also took my Chorus final. Which was a load of CACK by the way. I didn't know a thing on it because my Chorus teacher hasn't taught us anything on the test. He doesn't really teach people, he guides them through music. So basically to sound good in Chorus, you have to know how to sing before you join the class. That's why I sound mildly mediocre in that class. I joined to learn how to sing, guess I won't be learning anything. My chorus teacher has taught me some stuff but not a lot. I learned how to match pitch and everything after that, I imitate sounds that come out of his throat. During our Chorus show, I lipsynched during the hole thing. I might have sang some notes but mostly did an Ashlee Simpson(except nobody knew I lipsynched and I didn't jig onstage). Nobody knew the answers on the test so he let us use the music textbooks. No one used them anyway because we heard he doesn't count the final as a grade. I heard he just puts them in a file. Idk if that is true cause while I was taking my chorus final, I saw him grading some test. Btw, there are 4 girl choir classes and 1 guy choir class. Guys wear tuxes while we perform onstage, girls wear dresses or some dancing leotard thingy.

Anyway.......they had this ridiculous essay portion at the end of the test. He told us to write a response to one of the questions. I'm a silly bitch kind of kid and so I decided to write a response to all 3 questions. I basically wrote all of them about my friend Mason, who is also in the Chorus class with me. The test is ridiculous so might as well write a ridiculous response too. Never took his test serious. I just tried for some parts but circled random stuff until the essay portion.

Response to essay question 1: Mason F. likes to touch himself at night while singing show tunes from Sound of Music and Kiss Me Kate. He does it with peanut butter smeared all over his face. To be fair to jelly and chocolate, he puts jelly in between his toes and chocolate inside his ears. Sometimes he wears a tiara too.

Response to essay question 2: Mason F. often never wears shoes to school. Most of the time he will wear sandals. He doesn't care to groom his nasty feet but he has told me had gotten a pedicure once. Sometimes I worry about that boy. But I never worry that he will drown in a pool because he is an excellent swimmer.

Response to essay question 3: Mason F. has an incredibly high singing voice. It's very strange because his speaking voice is very low. Mason is in fact able to sing Like A Virgin by Madonna in the same octave as Madonna herself. Mr. S(Chorus teacher fyi) loves Mason's voice . Mason behaves well so I do believe he could be transferred into women's choir. Just don't force him to wear those black dresses. Mason's voice is very lovely. Mason has to go tinkle right now. I suspect he will take a long time in the bathroom because he will be texting all his little friends.

So those were my answers to a Choir final. Yep, I'm a silly boy. ;p

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trix Yogurt

Literally, just seconds ago, an idea popped in my cranium. It happened by finding some delicious trix yogurt in the refrigerator. Trix yogurt always has a contest where you can win fabulous prizes. But when I lift the lid, sadly, I'm never the winner. One day, I will win the contest. just like Charley won the golden ticket, I'll win the silver licked yogurt top. It might be a long time before I win. If I did win, I'd be the happiest person in the universe. Though if I won, they may take the prize away from me cause Trix are for kids. =(

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have many dreams.
But different kinds of dreams too.

I had a dream last night where I walked into a movie theatre on free Jack Daniel's day. Some irresponsible adult gave me a big cup of Jack Daniel as I was walking into the theatre to see the cinematic adventures playing on the screen. As I take my seat near the front of the room. Next I turn around and see two very attractive blonde girls giggling and talking to eachother behind me. All of the sudden, I notice that from across the aisle from those hot girls is one of my best friend, Royce, and my ex-girlfriend(whom I loathe being around) are sitting there. My ex seems to know the blonde girls and talks from across the aisle. So the girls are laughing and chatting to eachother and I want to invite my good friend Royce to sit by me, but I don't want my ex to see me. No one notices me and I was spying on them in my seat. I want to also talk to and try to woo the beautiful blonde girls. I thought to myself I should invite them down to sit to me and have a chat. I could also drink some of the Jack Daniels to lose some inhibitions or offer the girls some.

That's the end of the dream before I was woken up. This dream is very immoral and it's weird that I would dream of drinking some alcohol, as I an underaged minor. I didn't like this dream very much cause who likes dreaming about an ex? And to top it off, Mr. Sad was following me around in the dream earlier too. He hates me but we're at least civil to eachother now.

If someone could give me a translation of this dream, it would be very much appreciated.

The other dreams I have in real life are meeting Radiohead and they would actually be glad to meet me. Everyone near my age should be able to meet the boys in Radiohead. It's not like they turn fans away? HA! Sorry(not really) Miley Cyrus. Speaking of Miley, how can she "ruin" a band that has over a decade of hardcore underground fans? The Radiohead army is bigger than the Cyrus army. Radiohead has more albums released than Cyrus and ACTUALLY wrote the songs themselves in it. The Cyrus army has 9-13 year old Disney freak girls who love Miley and her tool of a brother Treyce. If Treyce is a tool, then his dad is one too, and so is his sister. Like father, like son, like sister.

Other dreams I have are to be an actor, a writer/author, psychiatrist, a professional musician, and hell, maybe even a filmmaker.

I have a dream that the face of Disney will return to cartoons like Mickey and Donald instead of some young guys who are overcompensating that they're gay by wearing purity rings and other things.

I dream that my insecurties will go away.

I dream of a Youtube where people wouldn't feel so cocky because of a number that represents people that watch what they put out there.

I dream of a world where Stephenie Meyer can write an intellectual book instead of a dumbed down piece of "literature" about vampires in Washington state and plots stollen off of MUSE's albums.

I dream of many things. But what do you dream about?????

Friday, January 23, 2009

Narcissist Armed

Armed with cameras that is. Now something that I am sick of a lot are people who take pictures of themselves a lot. You know these people, you have seen these people. They could be a ugly person or a beautiful person. It doesn't matter. But the culprits who photograph themselves the most are girls. Girls of the ages in middle school, high school, and college.

I'm sick of it. They have 1,000 pictures of themselves on myspace or facebook. Sometimes they throw their friends in the picture every now and then making a weird facial expression cause they think it is cool. What do they do when they are bored, take pictures of their faces. These girls have took soooo many pictures of themselves, they know what angles they look best in. So their pictures online look a whole lot better than in person. Which is like lying. AND that's a big no-no.

I wish I could go up to them without looking like a jack@$$ and demand to know what the purpose of all those pictures? isn't one enough? Sarcasm thought when talking to a self-pic addict: I was thinking 1 picture was enough for you but when you change your facial expression............i see where you are coming from. The only people comment their pictures of themselves are there BFFs and they usually say, " I love you. You're soo cute." Look on your facebook or myspace friends. Pick any regular teenage or young female and look on her page, you will find tons of pictures of herself.

Now guys don't take so many pictures of themselves. If two guys are together and for some god forsaken reason they wanted to take a picture of themselves, here is how it would play out:
Dude 1: This moment was awesome. Let's take a picture dude.
Dude 2: Ok. You got a camera bro?
Dude 1: Yeah. Oh but we got to put our heads close together for us both to be in the shot.
Dude 2: ..................You know what, I think we can just forget about the picture idea.

Now some people may call me a hypocrite. Here is my excuse, I document how much my appearance changes over time or events that really mattered to me. I also takes pictures from the video I put on youtube, I take a picture from the video and put it onto facebook. I put a whole lot more pictures on facebook than myspace. It may not be much of an excuse but take it or leave it.

One of my most favorite pictures. I think you can tell why.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I walk into a room and see Parental Control on the TV(MTV show), now I ask you the reader this question: Why do they bother with the gay episodes? What do the parents know what their homosexual child is into or like in the same sex partner? Usually parents don't know crap about it or in denial about it.