Friday, November 28, 2008

Leafs are Mean

So its fall time. So that means the trees have to shed their leaves. I don't know why people think the changing of the color of the leafs are cool. When people faces change color, thats not cool. That means they are obviously furious or choking on something. What's not cool is that when you live around a place with LOTS of bigs trees. You have alot of leaves falling in YOUR yard. Who has to rake them? me thats who. I took me 6 hours to rake up all my leaves in the yard. 6 hours plus my little brother Caleb coming outside to annoy me just because he is bored.

So I got a couple of anecdotes(stories for those with a short ranged vocabulary) about this wonderful thing about leaves. The tradition with leaves when you are young is that you are suppose to rake them into a ginormous pile and jump into them. I remember on an episode in Arthur on PBS where the kids were jumping into a big pile of leaves and they made it seem very glamourous. Well, the first time I saw that, I thought jumping into a pile like that would be like jumping onto a pile of pillows and cushions.

Well when I saw the fall episode of Arthur, I rake a bunch of leaves in my backyard. Then I backed up and did a running jump into the pile of leaves. I jumped and dropped straight down flat on my stomach. I didn't land on a pile of pillows but a thing called the ground. I got the wind knocked out of me which is pretty scary when you are 5-7 years old at the time. Like a year later, I apparently didn't learn my lesson and tried to jump into the pile of leafs. But this time I did it differently. This time I did a run, a jump, a flip, and landed sqare on my back. This time too, I got the wind knocked out of me. Since then I have never wanted to do anything fun that involves a pile of leafs. I'm too scared I will have a Colson moment and hurt myself in my lapse of stupidity.

So that's a reason I don't like the fall too much.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Evolution Of Colson's Hair

I was but a mere ugly caterpillar but now I am a beautiful butterfly. =)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Of course Waho is not a hoe if that is what you are thinking. It stands for Waffle House. In my previous videos I have said some bad things about Waffle House like I would rather go to a Miley Cyrus concert where they only played annoying children's music over and over again loudly than eat a Waffle House. Well, I broke my self promise and went to a Waffle House.

The story starts the night before the Super Sweet Gathering, so it was October 24th, 2008. This was the second night Daniel(alwaystextback) and Cade(cadegoestocollege) were in Georgia. It was a vacation for all of us so we stayed up late. One of the few places open at 2 in the morning is of course, Waffle House. The night before zak, daniel, and cade went to waho without me cause i was working on a paper for school. Yargh.

Zak me its an adventure every time you go there and its true. At least, an adventure at night. The next night, right in the middle of our blogtv marathon(we were live on blogtv on cade's account for 2 straight days. I guess people like seeing daniel and cade sleep. Creepers. lol), we decide to leave to go to waho but leave the chat on. I'm still surprised how 15+ could stay in a chatroom staring at a sign that says BRB with cade's song 15 playing over and over again.

So we get to Waffle House. Immediately the boys go to the Juke Box and got six credits for the song Lets Get It On by Marvin Gaye. It was going to play over and over again but after the second time they waho staff just shut it off. I guess unlike us, they didn't want to get it on in Waffle House. We had a creepy southern lady named Billy Jo as a waitress but I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on her she would be my favorite waitress ever. And she was. The food isn't as bad as I thought it was, they waffles were actually tasty.

At first, I didn't think anything special was going to happen. When we got there, there was a black hobo trying to sleep at the counter or in a chair by the juke box. But then later when I half way done eating my chocolate chip waffle, a big group of drunken white rednecks come stomping in. Thank God for answering my prayers. I guess they come from a bar but what scared me was that they drove over to get to Waffle House. They waltz in and instantly look at cade, daniel, zak, and i. They look at us and go, " WAFFFLE HOUSE! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!". I'm not making this up. They did the devil horn, 666, rocker hand sign at us at the same time while doing it. So imagine 45 year old drunk redneck ladies and gents looking you and hollering that nonsense at you. Now let it sit in your brains.

Now out of the whole group, one guy was the most smashed. I gave him a name in my head, his name is Silly Sam. He is silly because of the way he acted when he was intoxicated. But what I didn't like from Silly Sam was that for 3 minutes he was being all up close and stupid drunk talk with my girl Billy Jo. Shame Shame Silly Sam. You don't mess with my girl Billy J.

Long story short: Waffle House powns. I'm not a regular fan of breakfast places but Waffle House past midnight is always an adventure. The boys and I laughed very hard over matters I don't remember now. By the way, Waffle House are like Starbucks here in Georgia. There are sooooo many freaking Wahos in my area of town. Rednecks can't get enough of cheap waffles 24/7 when they drink.

Waffle House. Memory Factory of Good times. =D